We accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment method

Bitcoin accepted here

We accept bitcoin and litecoin payment method for web traffic. We are sound supporters of Bitcoin and altcoin economies.  I personally have over 6 years experience in Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency economy projects. Therefore it is natural that we offer Bitcoin and Litecoin as a payment method. We hope that more and more merchants would join to this effort.


bitcoin checkoutPaying traffic with Bitcoin or Litecoin is a smooth process. When you go to checkout page just choose Bitcoin/Altcoin as payment method. Then click place order.







Following screen will open where you get the exact number in Bitcoin or Litecoin what to pay. Simply follow instructions on the screen. You don’t have to leave our site to complete the payment.

pay with litecoin

That’s it. After payment you will be redirected to thank you page and we will process your order asap.