google chrome ad block

Google Chrome ad block and it’s effects

Times change and again Google has made some pretty radical changes which affect to ads shown in websites all over the globe. This affect especially for pop-ups and pop-under ads. In December newest Chrome version has a very strict ad blocker against this kind of advertising. Unfortunately Chromes is the leading web browser with over 60% market share.
Google announced that starting on December 2018 they are going to expand their ad blocking campaign and block even more ads –

chrome ad blocker effectsChrome’s built-in ad blocker is pretty simple. As part of the Coalition for Better Ads, Google has identified the types of ads it no longer wants to show. These include pop-ups, auto-playing video ads, prestitial ads, animated ads, and large sticky ads.

This will affect to our capacity to deliver pop-up advertising because website publishers are seeking other ways to show ads on their websites.

So what now? How do you can still get quality and enough quantity of web traffic?

Push Notifications is an extremely user-friendly ad format.
It’s a non-intrusive ad unit which enables you to earn money on each user even long after he left your site. Also Googles ad blocker don’t intervene to push notifications.

What we have discovered is that the Push format fits perfectly well if you want to sell your product effectively, but also, it isn’t just for e-commerce sales. The format also works great for a wide range of products such as gaming apps, gambling promotions and even if you are just looking to get website traffic.

And You have now the opportunity to show your push notifications on over 15 000 publishers websites and target it by various factors to get and jump start to huge load of quality organic web traffic! You can target both desktop and mobile users.

We are happy to help you to get your first push notification campaign online. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we help you to set up the campaign.