Q: Where do you aqcuire your traffic?

A: We have multiple sources of traffic. We get traffic from parked domains, big pop up and pop under advertising networks, search networks, mobile apps, real time bidding platforms.

Q: How do you deal with bot traffic?

A: This is a complex and very technical issue. Every of our premier content delivery networks have their own bot detection systems in place. Why is that? Reason is simple. Nobody want’s to pay to fraudulent publishers from false clicks made by bot’s! Then there is our own in house detection system to ensure the quality of the traffic. It uses honey pots, bot detection scripts, spam traps and other techniques to detect harmful IP:s. These lists are updated continuously. Also we simply use best providers in the industry and if someone cheats we simply drop that provider automatically or manually off. Bot detection techniques use anomaly detection, Ip blacklisting among other things.  As an added security feature to bot detection we also drop off any visits from the same IP in 24 hour period on most of the traffic packages. We also monitor campaigns manually and if we detect something fishy we intervene. This ensures you content is seen by fresh (human)eyeballs! If you detect or suspect something fishy, please contact us and provide us IP:s and/or domains list where you think this traffic is originating.

Q: How long does it take to fulfill the visitor quota?

A: This depends on various aspects like the targeting group size, keywords used, geo location and visitors required. Niche groups get less overall hits. Normally hits are delivered in a time span from 6 days to a 30 days. Our largest packages may take up to 60 days to get filled.

Q: I am new to this. How do I get started?

A: Please read our tutorial how to buy web traffic.

Q: What are the benefits of having lot’s of Twitter followers?

A: This is a great option to boost your SEO rankings and social media visibility. This gives you more credibility and followers also an organic way. Also it will boost your content rankings in Google because Google has increased Twitter spidering.

Q: Should I choose non targeted or targeted audience when ordering?

A: It depends what kind of audience you need. If your site is by nature general and suitable to all audiences you can choose non-targeted option. This might be also good for general SEO purposes. Some packages where you just need loads of visitors like SEO Bulk discount traffic is for non-targeted traffic only. However we recommend you to take time and figure out the best keywords which best describes the interest groups you want to reach. Use keyword planner tools or contact us and we give you an estimate about monthly traffic with certain keywords. Usually targeting guarantees the highest conversion rates and lowest bounce rates.

Q: I ordered a web traffic package. How can I track what’s happening?

A: We provide you an tracking URL like http://stats.visitor-traffic.com/8+ where you can see real time analytics data of hits received, geo location etc. We do encourage you to use your own statistics program to see in depth statistics. Notice that Google Analytics uses java-script and does not track third party cookies. Redirected traffic don’t play well together with Google analytics. Therefore on visitor count’s our system showing on received visitors is the final word. On the other hand Google analytics is easy to activate and don’t consume your system resources. You can sign up to google analytics here. On some packages like popup/under, pop under web traffic and mobile web traffic packages we can provide additional info from the traffic if you put a request in order form.

Q: Do you offer adult web traffic?

A: Yes we do. Most of our web traffic packages can act as an adult web traffic package, like popunder, category and keyword targeted web packages, unlimited web traffic packages! On popunder webtraffic packages you can target your audience with keywords and countries. For dating and other soft adult content you can use also our mobile web traffic packages. Due to nature  of mobile web traffic and push notification packages they normally are not (hard)adult traffic compliant (except for pop under traffic). Please contact us if you are unsure and we will suggest you right campaign.