200 000 visitors Popup / Popunder web traffic


Get a great exposure with affordable rates!

These open a full page popup/popunder to your pages. Hard to miss! Geo targeted! And prices are one of the lowest in the industry. Traffic is monitored through security layers so you won’t be getting bot traffic or be a victim of a click fraud!

The following is not allowed to be promoted on popup/popunder:

  • Google parked domains or Google Adsense
  • Real money games / gambling / betting / casino
  • Any kind of pharmaceutical products or pills
  • Malware / Scareware / Phishing
  • Toolbars / downloads with toolbars / fake software updates
  • Any downloads, except official app stores (Google, Apple, Microsoft…)
  • Explicit and/or illegal content
  • Landing pages in violation of legal provisions, privacy rights, trademarks and/or third party rights or that offend common decency
  • Hardcore pornography (any sexual content that is not suitable for minors, shows visible genitalia or explicit sexual intercourse)
  • Tech Support or sites pretending that the visitor has or may have a virus on his device.
  • Paid subscriptions without pricing information

Prohibited mechanisms on landing pages:

  • Pop up loops that can’t be closed by the user
  • More than one entry/exit pop up
  • Any mechanism that prevents the user from closing the browser window (»browser-locking«)
  • Imitation of system error messages
  • Downloads / installations starting without user interaction
  • Alert sounds that distress users


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